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TactiCom Event Management System 4.3-NA


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Multi Vendor RA8000FC Installation on TRU64 and OVMS
Hands-On Workshop: WS104-107

Warren Sypteras     Systems Software Engineer-Compaq Computer Corporation
David Fairbanks     Systems Software Engineer-Compaq Computer Corporation

Meeting Type:
Hands-On Workshop

4/25/00   01:30 PM     Duration: 3 Hrs.


Students attending Workshops 104, 105, or 106 are given the opportunity to install the RA8000FC on a choice of platform environments that include SUN Solaris, Windows NT, Novell Netware, Compaq OVMS, Compaq TRU64 Unix and Linux. You also have the chance to explore zoning and cascading in a dual switch fabric environment on these operating systems. In Workshop 104 you will install the RA8000FC in a heterogeneous environment that includes Compaq OVMS and Compaq TRU64 Unix. The engineers managing this workshop have experience in these OSs and will guide you through any road bumps during the installation.

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