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TactiCom Event Management System 4.3-NA


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Compaq SANworks™ Virtual Replicator
Hands-On Workshop: WS101-142

Steve Flynn     Program Manager-Compaq Computer Corporation
Rob Emsley     Program Manager-Compaq Computer Corporation

Meeting Type:
Hands-On Workshop

4/25/00   01:30 PM     Duration: 3 Hrs.


This lab begins with you installing the Compaq SANworks™ Virtual Replicator on a Windows 2000 server. Then, you gain experience in creating and deleting pools, virtual disks and snapshots using both the Microsoft Management Console (MMC) and the command line interface. You also find out how to expand virtual disks dynamically, learn how to obtain information about the system configurations, and examine the effects of snapshot "copy-out" operations. In addition you become expert at serving and connecting network disks. Come prepared to work - you'll be tested for comprehension at the end!

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